Slim Cylinder Arm Series Embroidery Machines

The downsized Slim Cylinder Bed has widened the application range so as to cover tubular products, such as sleeves, pockets, bags and other bulk items.

Machine Highlights

  • Main shaft motor-Servo motor

  • Closed-loop driving technology

  • Stepping motor color change

  • Stepping motor trimming

  • Stepping motor hooking

  • Stepping motor jumping

  • Patented Precise Color-change System

  • Upper-thread holding system

  • Innovative Smart Hooping System

  • Laser Position marker

  • Visual camera positioning system available

  • Signature/photo embroidery available

  • Infrared safety induction system available

  • A perfect integration of the best control system and the best mechanic system in China.

  • CBL extra wide table 1200*400 or EW4816 is applied to all SC single head model like 12/15/18 needle models.The extended table is the perfect aide for embroidery on oversized items such as drapery, blankets, banners, mattress borders, wedding dresses, quilt covers and much more.

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