Technical Parameters:

•Servo motor for main axis movement
•Servo motors for X and Y axis movements
•Intelligent thread break detection system 
•Upper-thread holding system
• Automatic trimming
• AC motor for color change
• Motor-controlled jump stitch
• Integrated AC motor hooking system
• Servo motor for D shaft
• Servo motor for H shaft
• Stepping motor trimming for chenille embroidery
• Heavy duty linear guide rail for X and Y axis driving
• Reinforced frame materials
• Rail type of frame guide rail
• Heavy duty frame bearing

• No-contact inductive lever switch
• Thread break detection
• Automatic or manual color change, automatic start
• Cyclic embroidery, design editing and design combination
• Memory design display and preview
• Setting the offset point and save design origin point
• Forward and rewind designs at high and low speeds
• Rotate, resize, edit and multiply designs 
• Edit design density and compensation directly on screen
• Design tracing helps ensure your needle does not hit the hoop
• Preset hoops set hoop boundaries for perfect centering
• Return to the start point or end point
• Multiple languages available
• Can chenille embroidery, monogram, mixed chenille and flat embroidery

Control Panel Features:

D19 is the upgraded version of C19 and its functions, operation mode and display interface are compatible with those of C19. D19 has extended many practical functions and upgraded configurations:

New control system platform based on “Dahao Core” DH910 to comprehensively improve the control performance;

New button operation mode with three more self-defined function buttons to have made operation more convenient;

Color-changing times up to 1000 times;

An increased memory capacity of 200 million stitches or 800 designs

Support maximum stitch number for single pattern of 2 million stitches;

Support intelligent encryption mode for payment installment

Main board and control box to be connected by HDMI interface cable instead of flat cable for more convenient connection;

Optimized looping embroidery control algorithm and high-speed looping drive technology to realize super high-speed rotation at 1200rpm;

Support flat & looping embroidery double main shaft drive function;

Support 2H/3H axis drive function;

Support looping stepping closed loop color-changing function;

Support flat & looping embroidery double color-changing function

Support custom-made and special needle height potentiometer DW320 for looping embroidery;

Support looping & flat embroidery combination function;